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About the Author:

Charmaine Reaves is a graduate from City College of New York. Immediately upon graduating, she went to work for IBM. After her 3rd son was born, she put her focus into being a mother raising her sons in church and to believe in God. Once she anticipated becoming an empty nester, Charmaine embraced her purpose to help not only family and friends, but people in general. She started her own business: Angels Are Networking, LLC. to do just that. Through her work, Charmaine helps those who want to become an entrepreneur or those looking to grow their small businesses and expand their network. Charmaine believes she is living her purpose-driven life.

From the Author:

"God gave me a gift! I believe that my gift is to connect people together and share my knowledge. I am passionate about helping others! It gives me great joy and that is why I know it is my purpose. My core value is to live a life of Good Character and Good Compassion! Good Character encompasses truth, honesty, and integrity. Balance that with Good Compassion to love thy neighbor, show forgiveness and be kind to one another.

I pray that this book will comfort you in any struggle you may be going through and also encourage you even when everything is going well. I pray this book will be a boost to your spirituality and a jumpstart to your path toward Harmony. I pray that this book finds you where you are and helps lead you to where you want to be. I pray that me, you, and all the Angels will continue to pray for each other within our communities and around the world. Finally, I pray that this Angels Are Praying devotional book series will strengthen you throughout your life."

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